Price List

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Type of ProductProduct DescriptionPrice
Bowls Tiny Bowl - 10cm R60
Cereal Bowl - 14cm R90
Large Cereal Bowl - 17,5cm R120
Boat Bowls Small Boat Bowl - 21cm R90
Large Boat Bowl - 37cm R500
Salad Bowls Large Deep Salad Bowl - 27cm R500
Open Salad Bowl - 39cm R800
Tea Set Items Standard Sugar Bowl R300
Standard Creamer R300
Standard Tea Cup R300
Espresso Cup R270
Tea Pots Small/Medium Tea Pot R700
Tea Pot - Diamond Type R850
Tea Pot - Iyak R850
Tea Pot - Large Round R850
Tea Pot - Plain Kim R850
Tea Pot - Grooved Kim R850
Tea Pot - Zaide  R850
Tea Pot - Vuvu R2500
1 Cup Tea Pot - Vuvu R1500
1 Cup Tea Pot - Plain R500
Side Plates Side Plate - 18,5cm R200
Side Plate - 21cm R200
Square Side Plate - 19cm R200
Dinner Plates Standard Dinner Plate - 28cm R300
Cake Stands Medium Drip Cake Stand - 34cm R700
Large Drip Cake Stand R1000
Platters Rectangular Platters - +/- 45cm R800
Rectangular Art Platters - 50cm R2000